10 contas de Instagram que a vão ajudar a ficar em forma

20 de novembro de 2018

Quem aí tem para cumprir a resolução de Ano Novo de fazer mais exercício? Todas sabemos dos benefícios que o exercício tem para a saúde, não só física mas também mental. E todas nos queremos sentir no nosso melhor sempre, certo? Então vamos aproveitar o ano para dar o nosso melhor na luta por um corpo mais saudável. Mas como não há motivação todos os dias, decidimos ajudar e procurámos 10 contas de Instagram de fitness gurus para se inspirar. 

Só de olhar para o feed delas, já dá vontade de ir a correr para o ginásio. Inspirem-se também.

- Andreia Rodrigues

1. @sarahs_day
I officially dub 2018 the year of listening to my body and living in the moment! This time last year I was spending 3 hours a day of my vacation driving to the gym, smashing out my workout, then driving home. Sure I was still loving my health and active lifestyle but I genuinely think I was a little too focused on my body composition. Instead of chilling out, and enjoying every moment with my family I was stressing over food and fitness. This year I’m a completely different person. I’m still healthy, I’m still fit but I’m also social, relaxed and feel like I have my priorities on point 👌🏼 it’s been over a week and a half since I stepped into a gym and I’ve just been going on outdoor runs/ocean swims to stay active. I’ve been eating loads of yummy foods and snacking with my sisters while we play board games. I’m genuinely so happy and content with my body and lifestyle and let me tell you sissys... it feels amazing! This revelation has inspired me to go on another beach adventure... BYRON! I know right #amievenaustralian I’ve literally never been to Byron and I’m soooo excited to check it out and bring you guys along with me 😎🎥 This was literally just decided... right now #liveinthemoment so I would love to hear your recommendations in terms of cute villas, accomodations, cafes, boutiques or activities! Who would be interested in seeing a Byron adventure where I show my tips and tricks on staying healthy and fit while living life to the fullest!?
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2. @lanaectorfit

3. @amandabisk

4. @marifitblog

5. @kaisafit

6. @valeria.rey

7. @gabrielapugliesi

8. @emilyskyefit

9. @idireito 

10. @kayla_itsines

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